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Well Drilling – Southern Wisconsin Center

Project Description

The State of Wisconsin contracted with Municipal Well & Pump to drill a 1500’ deep sand-stone well , positioned only 5’ off an existing service road. The water supply project bid costs came in over budget and MWP was able to work with the State to provide a modified drilling technique to help reduce overall costs but maintain the design capacity of 500gpm capacity and desired horsepower restraints.

The drill site was amongst the facilities population and operations such that a large foot-print would’ve been a hazard. Drilling discharge efforts, for the entire 1500’ x 16” deep well, were contained to a rather compact 5000gal energy dissipation tank and a 20yd surface settling tank in a closed loop, relieving any run-off problems and use of large earthen pits.

The new well was drilled to ultimately replace an existing old well only about 200’ away that’s experiencing degradation of its aged casings. The old well was kept in service during new well construction and there were no sub-surface impacts as a result of the environmentally safe reverse circulation and dual-rotary construction methods.

Project Date
Project Location
Southern Wisconsin
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Deep sand-stone well

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