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Televising & Logging

Televising Services:

Equipment consists of a Mercedes Sprinter Van with Aries Industries, LLC video equipment with the following specifications:

  • Dual View inspection camera
  • 90 degree side view with +20/-15 degree tilt feature
  • Down view radial tilt and zoom
  • 360 degree continuous rotation & 3 different speeds
  • Depth to 2,500 feet
  • 10x optical Zoom
  • Resolution of 530 TV lines horizontal
  • Minimum inspection diameter of 4 inches
  • Color analog video, NTSC or PAL
  • Auto focus and Iris with manual override

Each well video is recorded onto a professionally labeled DVD and provided to the client (multiple copies if needed). An included written report provides interpretation of issues and our recommendations.

Logging services include:

  • Gamma, fluid temp & fluid sensitivity testing
  • Caliper Probe of well
  • Heat-pulse flow meter testing
  • Spinner flow meter testing
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