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Traditional Method:

Traditionally, the water department runs the well pump continuously with the assist of a pressure-relief device that allows excess water to drain into the street and down the drain. 

The result: 

  • Millions of gallons of water wasted down the drain (or ditch)
  • Thousands of dollars in wasted electricity to continuously run a pump
  • No system capacity in case the well pump fails

MWP Port-a-Tower Method:

Our system uses large, portable pressure tanks to take the place of your water tower. The system is custom designed with your water needs in mind.

The result:

  • Millions of gallons of water saved from running down the drain
  • Thousands of dollars saved by not running the water pump continuously
  • No system surges, otherwise known as water hammer, since the pressure is maintained in the system

Every community eventually has to restore its water tower(s). When that time comes, an elevated storage system will be out of service. Water departments have two options to continue providing water to their community.

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