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Well Rehab

Well failure can be catastrophic. Diminished production affects the supply of water to hundreds if not thousands of citizens, or it can shut down manufacturing processes.

Consistent well monitoring and analysis allows you to detect reduction in well performance early. As production drops, Municipal Well and Pump can help you perform various treatments on the well to bring its capacity back into acceptable ranges. Based on a well’s condition, we can actually improve production to levels greater than the original.

Depending on the geological composition of the well, rehabilitation programs may include a variety of treatments including:

For Bedrock Composition

For Glacial Drift Composition

  • Well Televising
  • Wire Brushing
  • Chemical Treatments
  • AirShock® – Air Impulse Technology
  • HydroShock™
  • High -Pressure Jetting
  • High-Energy Rate Developing (HERD)

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