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Well Reconstruction – DuPage Airport Authority

Project Description

What was the Problem?

The irrigation system at the DuPage County Business Center (a 640-acre business park located in West Chicago and run by the DuPage Airport Authority) stopped working. With an increasing amount of businesses moving to the park, it was imperative that they get the irrigation system up and running quickly to keep the landscaping looking great for current and future tenants.

Our sister company, Pumpstation Professionals, already had a strong working relationship with the DuPage County Airport Authority through work with their Prairie Landing Golf Club, allowing Municipal Well and Pump to come in and quickly establish a rapport through knowledge, passion and strong communication with the stakeholders including Jeff Jorgensen, Operations, Safety and Security Supervisor.

Municipal Well and Pump Identifies the Cause

The irrigation system was fed by a shallow wet well with a pond intake located approximately 7 ft. below the water surface. Upon arriving at the location, Project Manager Mark Mueller was able to quickly identify why the irrigation system was no longer working.

The wet well, pond intake and motor were completely full of roots from nearby willow trees and a few feet of sediment had settled into the wet well, causing several issues. It wasn’t all bad though, the intake screen was in good shape for being over 15 years old and did not need to be replaced.

Bringing in Help

You never know what you’re going to find when you show up on-site of a well rehabilitation project and it is important to be able to maintain strong working relationships with other companies and organizations because you never know when you’re going to need to reach out for assistance.

For this project, Municipal Well and Pump needed to find a company that specialized in sediment removal and identified OSR Systems out of Necedah, WI as an expert that could get the job done. They ended up being a great partner for this project and were able to arrive the same day as the Municipal Well and Pump crew so the entire project could be completed in only one day.

What was the Approach?

With the job being scheduled to last only one day, it was important to have a solid plan in place.

Here is what Municipal Well and Pump was able to accomplish.

  • Pulled and replaced the pump, motor and riser pipe
  • Installed air release valve on the system
  • Tidied-up broken conduits leading to float and pump
  • Removed sediment with help from OSR Systems
  • Cut out interfering roots from nearby willow trees
  • Removed sediment and algae from screen area
  • Tested entire system and insured sprinkler heads were working

Result of project?

Even with the short timeframe and several moving parts, this project was completed on schedule and without any complications. Mark was very thankful for the help from Jeff and his team at the DuPage Airport Authority, OSR Systems and Wes Derksen, Lead Operator. This project shows Municipal Well and Pump Project Managers are ready to help, whatever the issue may be.

Project Date
September 10, 2021
Project Location
DuPage County Airport Business Park
Project Manager
Mark Mueller
Service Performed
Wet Well Reconstruction for Irrigation System

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