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Well Redevelopment & Pumping – Harvard, Illinois

Project Description

What was the Problem?

The water from well 6 was pumping sand and ruined an American Marsh pump and numerous shafting sections only having been installed 6 months prior by another contractor. The elevational differences in the community were inhibiting them to fill their tower to an ideal level without well 6 being online. With peak water demand season fast approaching it was imperative to get the well back online as soon as possible requiring Municipal Well and Pump to come in and work on rehabilitating the well immediately.

Municipal Well and Pump Identifies the Cause

The initial observations indicated the Vertical Turbine pump setting was experiencing high vibrational readings and excessive sand was accumulating in the stuffing box area of the discharge head. The vibration migrated downward to ultimately destroy various bearings and the wear rings in the pump in a very short amount of time. An initial televising of the well also indicated the well screen was still not 100% open which may have been creating some channeling of sand through gaps in the natural formation around the well screen. MWP formulated a plan to surge block and redistribute natural formation material outside the screened area of the well.

Our Crews

Constant communication was key for a successful rehab. Our crew was very diligent in reporting daily progress in way of the type, size of, and volume of material being bailed from the well as the redevelopment process was carried out. The success of a project like this relies heavily on the experience of the crew, knowing when and how to take those next steps, along with execution of the procedures. Our crews on this project gave us exactly that.

What was the Approach?

Projects like this can be unpredictable at times. We allotted a set amount of time but then we had to make some adjustments based on progress and budget restrictions. We appreciated Harvard, IL putting their confidence in MWP.

Here is what Municipal Well and Pump was able to accomplish.

  1. Pulled and serviced the motor.
  2. Pulled, redesigned, and installed an open impeller style pump.
  3. Installed new rubber inserts and straightened all the line shafting.
  4. Replaced the entire stuffing box assembly.
  5. Redeveloped the well and reduced the sand content.
  6. Established operations with < 0.15 in/sec vibration readings on the motor.

Result of project?

MWP was very thankful for the help from Jim Grant and his team at the City of Harvard. This project shows how MWP Project Managers and crews are ready to help, whatever the issue may be. Harvard was extremely happy to get the well back online, operating smoothly and with nearly all sand eliminated.

Update: Spring of 2022 – one year later all is running great and the sand is nonexistent.

Project Date
Project Location
City of Harvard, Illinois
Project Manager
Mark Mueller

Service Performed
Redevelopment & New Pumping Equipment

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