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AIRSHOCK® impulse technology provides a highly effective solution for cleaning and rehabilitating under performing water wells. The process utilizes an AIRSHOCK® Impulse Generator (AIG) to provide high-pressure pulses of compressed gas to remove build-up from well screens, gravel packs and open hole formations, providing unparalleled efficiency in rehabilitation and development of all types of wells.

The success comes from concentrating each pulse of energy per blast. The AIG fires automatically once every 2 – 3 seconds and each pulse lasts just several milliseconds. Resulting shock waves and powerful water surges, produced by the process, successfully remove encrustation, slime and scale. This not only cleans the well, but also improves the production output of the formation. In a short period of time the well is completely restored to the highest level of efficiency.

The AIRSHOCK® solution can be performed with or without chemicals depending on the well performance issues encountered. Based on past performance, the results are long-lasting and nearly every well is restored to 80% to 120% of its original performance.

Municipal Well & Pump is convinced that the AIRSHOCK® system is the most successful and efficient air-impulse solution available for rehabilitating and developing under performing wells. Since 1995 Municipal Well & Pump has been involved in the development and implementation of air-impulse technology. After utilizing other air-impulse technology solutions and comparing the efficiency of the process along with the results from hundreds of wells, AIRSHOCK® impulse technology has proven to be the superior method.

Call 800-383-7412 and find out how AIRSHOCK® can bring back the flow to your well.

Listed below are the technical specifications of the AIG equipment the Municipal Well & Pump currently owns. Other size guns are available if needed for a specific project.

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