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HydroShock™ is Municipal Well & Pump’s custom designed water well rehabilitation method for cleaning and improving the performance of a water well. The system works by pumping water and chemistry in and out of the well at a high velocity rate from a portable storage tank. The rehab method would likely include injecting NSF approved chemicals to help to break down any slime, encrustation and other organic materials that could be reducing the performance of the well. The velocity and pressure used to Shock the well is tailored to the well size and geology. The combination of chemicals with the powerful surging action effectively penetrates deeper into the well formation to provide excellent, long term results.

MWP has two (2) fully portable HydroShock™ systems that can be customized with different sized pumps to meet the desired rehab specifications (gpm and psi) for completing a successful project.

If you have a well that isn’t producing what it should, call and talk to one of our Project Managers. They will work with you on designing a rehabilitation plan that works the best for your system.

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